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Wednesday morning whilst on the top playground Mrs Moore invented a very good game involving the children riding their bikes/scooters to the number she called. The children had fun finding the numbers.

As it was wet on Thursday morning and the Reception children were out we took advantage of using their room and playing with the fire engine/station. Thursday afternoon during our Natural Learning session the children threaded leaves using twigs and leaves. We compared sizes, shapes and colours.

During our Pre-school visit the children meet Harold the Giraffe who is preparing to attend Nursery. They helped him to get ready by showing him how to use the items in his wash-bag. Using a body tunic the children learnt about the functions of some major internal organs and then exercise with an imaginary walk to Harold’s Nursery. They saw what Harold gets up to at Nursery before he returns home for a nap while the children hslept under the star-lit ceiling. Harold sang them a song about how special they all are before they each had a chance to say goodbye to him.

The visit covered:

 Understanding that the body gets energy from food, water and air and that exercise and sleep are important to our health.

 Naming major internal body parts – heart, blood, lungs, stomach (tummy).

 Understanding the importance of basic personal hygiene (e.g. washing, cleaning teeth and brushing hair).

After the visist we made the most of the lovely weather and played in the front playground, climbing on the climbing frame and building with blocks.