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Week 9

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  Kingston Maurward Trip


The class was split into 2 groups for our trip to Kingston Maurward. After group A got off the bus in the morning, they went through all of the animals including goats, pigs, calves, donkeys, ponies, hens and geese. And we got to feed the goats grass. Then, we looked at invertebrates, which are animals without backbones. Some of tehm are insects, but only if they have 6 legs. We got to touch and hold them. We looked at cockroaches, stick insects, African snails, a centipede and sun  beetles. After that, we had lunch outside. Then it was playtime and we all rolled down the steep hill. We also went into the Japanese garden. After that, we had ice lollies! Then, we looked at reptiles including lizards, leopard geckos, bearded dragons and a milk snake. We were allowed to feel them and they felt quite weird. We also got to see some spider sheds, with hair still on it! They are the exoskeleton of the spider. They have skeletons on the outside to protect them, instead of bones on the inside like us. We also felt snake skin. 


By Lillie 😛


Have a great weekend! 😄