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Week 10

This week the Blossom children have been learning all about Remembrance Day. The children have enjoyed exploring the small world Remembrance Day Tuff Tray where they have been discussing why we celebrate Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies in memory of all those who taught for us in the war. As well as exploring the small world Tuff Tray, the children have enjoyed lots of craft activities throughout the week. They began by creating their very own large paper poppy, which is hanging very proudly in the classroom. They have also been busy creating their very own Bravery Medals using a range of media. 
Blossom class have also been using playdough with loose parts and dried beans to create poppies. They carefully manipulated the playdough to form their poppy shapes and then proceeded to add the beans to the middle to form the seeds. As well as playdough the children have been exploring a range of messy trays, their favourite being exploring what happens when we mix conditioner and cornflour together. They loved feeling it between their hands describing the textures.