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Week 11

Welcome to another week 

This week in maths with Mrs Austin we have been learning about column subtraction circles, triangles and squares have been doing 3 digit numbers meanwhile pentagon, hexagon and octagons have been doing 4 digit numbers [for example 2412 - 9789] 

With Mrs Darby  we have been doing shapes and angles we also have been doing horizontal and vertical lines.

In our literacy we have been learning a poem called a smuggler's song. We have listened to 3 different videos: one was sung by some singers that made their voices sound like instruments , one was sung by a choir and one was read. 

In our reading vipers we have been learning about a book called Christmas wish and writing answers to some questions stuck in our books.  

In our topic work we have been doing research on Isaac Gulliver next week we are going to make a poster or a powerpoint about it.          

By James.B,Carly and Eleanor