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Week 3

The highlight of our week was our visit to The Space Dome on Tuesday. Dolphin Class had an hour and a half in the dome learning about the planets, space travel and astronauts, star constellations and much much more. Simon who led our session has enthused the children with his knowledge and we are looking forward to building on this learning over the coming weeks.  Thank you to the PTFA who kindly agreed that this was something they would fund. The children have had a go at writing a short space inspired poem and are starting to learn some poems by heart. They have also written some mnemonics to help them remember the order of the planets.


Mercury     Martha              My                     My

Venus        Very                 Very                  Vast

Earth         Excitedly           Excited              Elephant

Mars         Made                 Milkshake          Must

Jupiter      Jam                  Jumped              Just

Saturn      Sandwiches        Somewhere        Sit

Uranus     Using                 Under                Until

Neptune   kNives !             Neptune             Night


In maths the Year 2s have continued to work with money. If you have a chance over the weekend and coming weeks it would be great to give your child some real life experience using money to buy something and work out change. Maybe they could get some bread or milk when you next need it and find the money to pay for it. This type of activity can really help them understand the relevance of what we are learning about in school.


Year 1s have continued to work on adding and subtracting using numicon, number lines and ten frames to help them. 


In art the children have all made a start on their Van Gogh inspired Starry Night pictures and I am looking forward to seeing them completed next week. 


Keep looking out at the night sky, observe the shape of the moon and see if you can spot Venus!