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Week 7

This week in Maths with Mrs Austin, the year 3s and 4s finished their assessments of what we learnt over the past half term.

With Miss Darby we have also had an assessment but about her work about what we have learnt over the past half term.

In literacy with Mrs Austin we have finished the film and now we have picked a character and wrote about it.

With Miss Darby we have been learning some new vocabulary as we do every week. We have also read another chapter from The Boy Who Grew Dragons, by Andy Shepard.

In our last River topic L  we have learnt about the water cycle. As well as some new scientific words, evaporation, condensation and precipitation.


Liza from life education, came on Thursday but she couldn’t bring her bus because of Covid 19. Instead of that she came into see us. She brought Harold which Harlan was very pleased about!

Our science experiment has gone to catastrophe! Miss Darby bought a loaf of white bread and we left one hanging above the radiator, one in the fridge and one at room temperature. We left them for ten days and none of them went mouldy! Although the one hanging above the radiator did go stale, yuck! We will therefore be completing our science experiment after half term.

So obviously this week has had some highs and lows.

All the new year 3s have settled in very well even if it was scary at first.

Good bye for now, see in two weeks. J

By Jacob and Evie   

Congratulations to Harlan, Jacob and Paddy, they got this weeks head teacher certificates.