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Week 2

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On Monday we did Art with Mrs Austin and we learnt how to make shades and tints with paints. We also did literacy and we wrote the lighthouse story. The children loved their Reading vipers. We did music with Mrs Horne it was fun.



On Tuesday we did reading vipers with Mrs Austin everyone enjoyed it. Then we did literacy it was amazing! We also did Spellings and more. (Year 4 reading buddies!)



Everybody was shocked when we found out that Mrs Moore was teaching us for PE. We did PSHE and maths. The sheets in maths were sorted into Hot, Mild and Spicy (what a challenge!)


On Thursday we did flash back 4 in maths. We did Reading vipers, spellings and literacy. For the afternoon half of the class went up for Woodland school and the others stayed inside doing science learning about rocks.


On Friday we started the day with praise assembly (well done to those who got a certificate.) Again we had PE with Mrs Moore learning hockey. (It was tiring!) In the afternoon we learnt about Judaism. Then we did ICT.


By Jessica and Louie


Have a good weekend:)