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Week 5

We had a fantastic day with Chrissy at the WessexWild Farm in Tincleton on Tuesday. She initially introduced us to how they farm their cattle & explained that is very much a family business. Chrissy talked to the children about Harvest Festival & then showed us around, looking at & exploring all of the fruit & vegetables that they have been growing. We collected samples of everything & then took it back to her outdoor classroom to think about how they have been planted, cared for & grown from seed. We then thought about if we were to make a Harvest soup, which combinations of vegetable we would each choose. Chrissy had prepared a tasting session for us all & we all enjoyed identifying, tasting & discussing each of the fruit or vegetable that we had tasted such as celery, carrot, tomato, pear, apples & melon. The children then made newspaper seed pots, filled them with soil & then sprinkled with chive seeds for us to grow our own chives back in our classroom.