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Week 3

This week our topic book has been 'The Great Balloon Hullaboo'. To support this book Blossom children have been really busy with lots of hot air balloon, rocket and space based activities and crafts. To start the week the children got stuck in with painting our very own big hot air balloon for one of our windows. The children carefully painted it using paint brushes and corks to create a spotty pattern. As well as creating a large hot air balloon as a group, the children all individually used a range of paints, crayons and pens to colour in their smaller hot air balloons. The children have also had fun using lots of different sized cardboard tubes to construct their very own rockets. They used scissors to snip different coloured paper and card to stick onto their rockets. To help with the children's fine motor skills we have been busy enjoying a range of funky finger activities. These being Tap-Tap, hammering golf tee's and using stickers to carefully peel and stick onto our pictures. As well as crafty activities the children have been practising their number skills by cutting and sticking number lines from 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 into the correct order. 

The Blossom children have explored a range of Tuff Trays set up this week to support our book. One of the children's favourite Tuff Trays being the playdough pizza making. Here the children used real herbs and spices to shake onto the top of their pizza's creating their very own special pizzas! The children have loved creating their very own stories using the small world space rocket along with lots of small world resources such as the people, cars and houses.