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Week 3

My apologies for not completing the blog last week. I've put extra photographs in this weeks! 


Our focus this week has been literacy based. We read the story of A Squash and a Squeeze and the children thought about the langauge used in the story and sequenced it. They then spent time planning their own story, thinking about where it might take place, who might help them and which animals they would take in. We had lots of forms of transport being chosen, boats, spaceships, tractors and aeroplanes. We have a wise mermaid, astronaut, farmer and pilot and we had a whole range of animals from seahorse and sharks to lambs and pigs. All the children had a go at writing their own story and I am incredibly impressed with the results. They really worked hard to make sure their stories made sense with a beginning, middle and end and that they used their phonics in their writing. Well done Seahorses!


In art we have started our series of self portraits based on Andy Warhol. The children have each had a photograph taken, manipulated it into an ink sketch, painted a bright self portrait and next week will be colouring in an acetate of themselves. 


During our natural learning afternoon we have all planted some sunflower seeds to bring home and be nurtured. These came from an enormous sunflower which Sofia grew last year. They have been stored over winter and I am hoping they will germinate.  We have also created a runner bean tepee in our veg bed and planted those out with strawberry plants around the edge. 


Mrs Dawson bought in an empty wasp nest for us to look at - a fascinating piece of nature which the children were able to study closely looking at the patterns and colours created. Thank you Mrs Dawson. 


Through plan do review during our independent learning in the afternoons,  the children are asked to try and challenge themselves to do something they haven't tried before or that they want to get better at doing. This week lots of children have challenged themselves to build the tractor to play with. The cooperation, communication and and confidence of the children has been a joy to watch.