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Week 14 - Literacy

This week our literacy focus has been letter writing and specifically writing a letter to Father Christmas. The children did this independently and they will be posted tomorrow in the hope they will arrive to The North Pole in plenty of time. Maybe even in time for a reply to be sent to us........!


Our science lesson today was a practical one, trying out different materials to see if they could be bended, twisted, squashed or stretched and recording the results. 


In maths this week year two have begun working on multiplication and year one have been consolidating number bonds for 10 and 20. 


Christmas activities are in full swing and the children had a pre dress dress rehearsal for the nativity today which went well. So fingers crossed they don't forget their lines over the weekend.


We now have our crib up in the classroom and we talked through the Christmas story as part of our RE. We have also hung our decorations on the Christmas tree in the hall and begun work on calendars. 


The children looked brilliant in their Christmas jumpers today - not such a good photo as they were squinting into the sun - but well done to everyone who took part and for all the money that was raised. 


Enjoy your weekend.