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Wk 7 Bikeathon and Den day

This week the children have managed to adapt their behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine. 



Pre-school were set the task of completing 10 laps of the school playground. With enthusiasm and speed they achieved this and more. riding their bikes and scooters with skill and pleasure the children negotiated the cones, bends, and other bikes. The total number of laps was 18,9 starfish children took part and we covered 4.05 miles.


Den Day.

Unleashing their imagination the children transformed the field with an amazing array of shelters and dens. Working together as a team to make a different tent/shelter the childrens physical and social skills were used. At the end of the day the children proudly showed off their work to their parents/carers.


Enjoying the beautiful weather this week most of our learning took part outside.