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Week 9

We are at the end of another busy week. 


Beech Class have been exploring measurement in maths lessons. The children began by using non-standard units for measurement, before exploring centimetres and metres. The children have been measuring things around the classroom and using key language such as taller/shorter when explaining their findings. We will work on different forms of measurement next week.


In Literacy, the children have heard 'The Vanishing Rainforest' and we are now reading 'The Great Kapok Tree'. We have been learning about the layers of the rainforest and writing about the animals who live there. We will continue with our book next week.


In RE, we have talked about the Easter story and the children drew pictures about key events we had discussed. 


We finished our week by completing a sorting activity and group discussion about different types of food and which food groups they belong to.


Some photos from the week are included below. Have a great weekend!