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Week 4


This week the children have been using information books and the internet to find answers to the questions they posed at the beginning of our topic. Questions about black holes, formation of stars, the International Space Station and about nocturnal animals. They worked with their chatty chums and used sites created for children to research their answers. We are now busy compiling this into a book. 


In science we learnt about life processes and the difference between things that are alive and things that have never been alive. Out in the wildlife garden the children then searched for something living and something that had never been alive and explained the differences thinking about life processes. 


We have almost completed our papier mache planets and next week the children will be painting them.....! It has taken a while but the children have worked really hard to ensure their models are well covered and are looking forward to decorating them.  They have also been finishing off their Starry Night paintings in the style of Van Gogh and I have to say, we definitely have some artists amongst us!


Keep watching the night skies and see what constellations you can spot.