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Week 5

The focus of our blog this week is Computing, which links with our music curriculum this half term.


Previously, we listened to The Planets by Gustav Holst. We heard Mars and Venus, and the children discussed how these pieces of music made them feel. We then did a sorting activity, adding different adjectives onto a chart with Mars and Venus on them.


This week, we learned about rhythms and patterns in music. We began by clapping rhythms together using a Powerpoint slide as a reference. Some coloured counters were displayed and we created different sounds for each of the two colours to practise following a pattern.


The children then created their own patterns using coloured objects from the classroom and had a go at playing a rhythm. In small groups, the class performed their rhythms and then created new ones by reordering the objects. 


Our blog this week includes a few photos from this lesson. A child also created a lovely rainforest collage at home to share with the class, and we thought we would share that with you too.


Have a great weekend!