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Week 6 - Pirate Day & Plastic Paradiso

The children had a lovely day on Pirate Day, onboard the Pirate ship Winterbourne and enjoyed talking about & showing their shipmates their fabulous outfits! They took part in many Pirate based activities throughout the day from colouring, labelling the parts of a ship, creating treasure maps, buried treasure phonics & fine motor skills, making Jolly Rogers's using 2D shapes, puzzles, Storycise, singing their Sea Shanty song to their year 4 Buddies & lots of stories about Pirates.

This week we also had a very special visitor Claire, who came in to work with the children for our Plastic Paradiso workshop, based upon the story The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. The children explored expressive arts through making fish using recycled materials and then used them in dance to create movement. Thank you Claire!