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Week 4

Welcome to the blog …


In literacy we’ve been writing double page spreads about an endangered animal of our choice from the rainforest. We have chosen sloths, tapirs, jaguars and more! So far we’ve done lots of research (we found the facts on the internet) and completed our plans. 


In maths we are learning to tell the time with Mrs Darby. Today we looked at converting analogue time to digital time, this can be tricky! 

In TTRrockstars we’re now doing mixed times tables because we’ve completed all of them! Make sure your practising times tables at home - especially the ones you find tricky.


On Tuesday we’ve been doing samba drumming. Samba originated from Brazil. We were given  an instrument to play as it was our first piece of samba music! We all enjoy it and find it really interesting.  


 In reading vipers this week, we watching  a short film called ‘The Present.’ After watching a small bit,  we made predictions about what we thought would happen next.Then we had a question to answer about the film and the feelings of the characters.


By Lillie 🙂