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Week 10 - DT, Computing and Science

It's been a busy week for the children across the curriculum. They have started sewing their fish and will continue with this project over the next few weeks.  They have also begun some clay work, creating a sea creature of their own invention. 

Last Thursday the children were able to enjoy their ice lollies after their hard work and sportsmanship on Wednesday during sports day.

We have continued with our computing algorithms and the children have designed their own grid maps with obstacles and have worked out how to move a bee-bot around their map. They have had to think about direction, how many steps forward it needs to take and which turns are needed.  If the bee-bot didn't arrive in the right place then the children had to go back and work out where their instructions went wrong.

On Tuesday we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly (having looked at the life cycle of a turtle last week) and the children were able to take our new magnifying glasses that the Sea Life Centre gave us, outside, to search for eggs, bugs and evidence of caterpillars eating our nettles.