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This week in PE the children have been introduced to tennis by Ms Moore. These skills are supporting the children's physical development, helping them gain good control and co-ordination in their large and small movements; to move confidently in a range of ways; safely negotiate space; to handle equipment safely and to understand the importance of exercise to keep their bodies healthy.


Our story of the week has been 'A Squash and a Squeeze' by Julia Donaldson. As in previous weeks, all of our activities have been based around our current story and we have therefore used a farm animal theme. In literacy the children listened to the story and then we discussed how a story is structured and introduced them to words such as - first, then, next and last. The children were then asked to write their own story. When they had decided upon their setting, main character and the animals they would like to take into their setting, they recorded this information on a story map. The maps were then used as a tool by the children, to construct their sentences and begin to write their own stories.


During 'Plan, Do, Review' activities, the children were asked to think about how they would like to make a sea creature, based upon our previous story, 'Sharing a Shell'. What materials would they like to use? Which sea creature are they going to make? How are they going to make it? What would they do differently next time? This activity helped children to demonstrate their effective learning through play, exploration, creative and critical thinking and active learning.


In maths we have revisited sharing, halving and doubles, focusing upon doubles and how we can use objects such as Unifix blocks, to help use calculate our doubles addition number sentences. The children have learnt a 'Doubles Rap' which they do love to sing, please ask them to sing this with you!


During outdoor learning the children planted their vegetable seeds , that we will be planting in our class outdoor planting area, once they have grown into strong plants. They also planted their individual sunflower seed and we will watch to see who's will grow the tallest before the end of next term.