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Week 5 - Dance and DT

This week we have been really fortunate to have a full day workshop run by choreographer, dancer and environmentalist Claire Benson. She is currently producing a show for children around the impact of plastics in our oceans and came into our class to gain inspiration from the children. During our first session she read the book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward which forms the basis for her story about plastics. It is about a world made only from recycled materials where nothing is living. The children discussed what it would be like to live in a world like that and what they would use to make things. They then designed creatures, or a set, or a costume. In our second session the children used bottles and cartons to make jelly fish and fish which were then attached to string and a stick to make a puppet. In the afternoon they listen to music and created movements and dance as if they were different sea creatures, a coral reef and used their puppets to become part of a sea scape. The children had an amazing time and hopefully have learnt a lot about the importance of reducing and recycling as well as learning about telling a story through movement and music.  Thank you Claire!