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The children had a fantastic morning at the DASP Multi Skills Festival at Damers school on Monday. They met Reception children from some of the other schools and participated in six different activities. The class were divided into two groups (the blues and the reds) and then they took part in the following activities - javelin, cricket, running, tag, football and turning cones. Through experiencing these physical activities, the children were able to demonstrate and practise their control and co-ordination in their large and small movements; to move in a range of ways, safely negotiating the space around them; handle equipment effectively and understand the importance of physical exercise for good health.


In maths this week, the children have been learning about and revisiting capacity, patterns and weight for solving problems. In capacity we discussed how to measure using containers, sand and water. In patterns, the children were shown how to make patterns with shapes, counting/coloured teddies/elephants, Unifix, pegs and boards. In weight, the children used weighing scales to order the weight of the objects, from the heaviest to the lightest.


Our story of the week is 'The Snail and the Whale'. We have been sharing the story and then discussing what the creatures would have been thinking about at certain points of the story. The children have then written their thoughts in their literacy activities. The children also continue to learn their phase 5 tricky words and have a daily recap upon all of the previously learnt tricky words, letters and sounds. The children will be introduced to the phase 5 letters and sounds over the next half term.


We wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in June!