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Wk 8 Our Outside Learning continues

Taking our inside classroom outside the children enjoyed the home corner. Filling up pots, pans, cups and teapots the children demonstrated the language for shape, position and measurers in discussion e.g. 'circle', 'in', 'heavy', 'full' and 'empty'. 

When the shade disappeared from the playground we moved to the bottom of the field under the trees. Using guttering and balls the children deployed their creating and thinking critically skills to think of ideas, find ways to solve problems and find new ways to do things. 

In the afternoon we moved to the top of the field for more shade. Trying to catch butteflies in a net, picking up objects with 'grabbers', playing with fairies and unicorns, writing and drawing on whiteboards we soon forgot about the heat.

By Friday it had cooled down enough for us to practice sports day.