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Week 10

This week our maths focus has been on capacity and weight. The children have been using everyday langauge to do with these concepts, are able to order containers by capacity and balance our balance scales. 


The highlight of our week was World Book Day on Tuesday. The children (and staff) all looked amazing in their costumes. We had superheroes and fairytale characters, knights and pirates and even a Gruffalo and The Tiger who came to Tea. The children bought their books in and we were able to share some of these throughout the day as a bell rang every hour for us to stop what we were doing and read a story together.  The children also did some super writing about their character and what they did in their story. I have been very impressed recently by how well the children are beginning to work more independently. We hvae some very conscientious and confident caterpillars in our midst. 


In our EAD we have started some dinosaur paintings and Mrs Atkins came in to start sewing dinosaurs with some of the children. They will all get a chance to do some sewing over the next couple of weeks. Again, their determination and focus to succeed is a pleasure to watch. 


During our outdoor learning yesterday some of us made spider catchers which are now hanging in our outside area. We are hoping that spiders will make their webs in them so we can observe them up close. 


Our Jigsaw topic this term is all about staying healthy and we sorted our foods into shopping baskets for healthy and unhealthy foodstuffs. The children were brilliant at knowing what foods were good for them and which ones they should only have occasionally.


Have a happy weekend.