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The final week of the Spring term

This half term we have been investigating, keeping a diary, tasting and designing sandwiches in D&T. On Wednesday this week the children spent the morning making their sandwiches and some children ate them for lunch. We had some very interesting combinations!



In science with Mrs Darby we have been looking at sound. On Wednesday we looked at pitch and higher and lower sounds. Then we used straws to make our own pan pipes.


We took a straw and flattened the end 2cm and cut it into a triangle shape. We repeated this with five straws and cut them to varying lengths (to make the pitch higher and lower). We then stuck them together to make a set of pan pipes.



On Thursday we finished off our science topic with Mrs Darby and looked at telephone transmission and how the sound of our voices can travel over distances. We used the talking tubes to speak to each other across the room.


We also got into the Easter spirit and made cards and coloured some mindful Easter pictures.


Sharks class wishes you all a Happy Easter and a restful holidays!


See you all on Monday 16th April.