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Wk 5 Numbered ducks

A lot of our learning this week seemed to focus on Maths. Identifying the number on the bottom of the duck the children then enjoyed sending it down the guttering in a puddle of water, for it to make a splash at the bottom.

In the front playground the children persisted for a long time in making houses out of the waffle bricks. This wasn’t an easy task as they kept falling over, but using their problem solving skills and working together as a team they succeeded in the end.

After the grass cutters finished cutting the grass we made the most of the opportunity to collect grass cuttings, sticks and daisies. We sorted them into trays. This soon turned into making Spaghetti Bolognese, stirring it with sticks and sharing the food out.

Indoors the children were encouraged to name the colour/shape as they jumped on each one.