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Week 12

This week we have been super busy starting the week with our trip to Abbotsbury Swannery. Here the Blossom children learnt all about swans habitats and what they need to eat. The children where invited to feed the swans which they all loved! 

Later on throughout the week we looked at our new topic book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'. We discussed the importance of making sure our rubbish goes into the bin and not the sea as this can cause animals to die. We also have lots of fun exploring water colours to create our very own sea pictures, carefully selecting colours which represent different sea creatures. The Blossom children have also enjoyed making their very own musical instruments using paper plates and rice, which they played alongside their singing. 

We ended the week with having a visit from Chloe the hygienist and Lydia the dental nurse. They talked about the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. The children also discussed what are healthy food for our teeth and what are unhealthy for our teeth and gums.