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Week 4

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This week some of us went to Woodland School and the rest of us did science with Miss Darby. In science we went in the darkened cloakroom and Miss Darby had a bag full of random items. She pulled out an item and we had try to work out what the item was.The first item was white chess piece and then a black chess piece, then there was a hi vis jacket. We could see the objects that reflected more light better, like the white chess piece and the hi vis. 


When  we went in the classroom and turned  the lights on, we were all complaining at the brightness because it was too bright. In Woodland School we saved the wildlife, we made a bird feeder and we planted some new trees and a lot of other fun activities. We also made some popcorn to eat!


In our artwork, we have been making silhouette pictures. We looked at the work of Jan Pienkowski to give us ideas. There are some pictures of our artwork to follow.


By Martha and Ivy