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Week Beginning Monday 20th April

Hello Sharks!

Welcome to your new term of home learning!  We hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays, despite it being a little different from normal this year. What did you get up to? Did you have an Easter egg hunt? Did you make something? Did you have a Zoom call with your friends? Did you plant something? Did you start a diary? Did you finish a book? Did you watch a new film? Did you complete a puzzle? Did you learn a new skill? Did you eat too much chocolate? (We did!)

We have really enjoyed receiving your emails and seeing what you have been getting up to at home with your families! Remember to check out the ‘Closure Weekly News’ section on the blog to see what everyone else has been getting up to! This term our new topic is ‘Anglo Saxons and Vikings’, these were people who lived in England many, many years ago. We will learn about why they came, why they stayed and what they did while they were here! We have lots of practical activities, for you to get stuck into, coming up. As well as some interesting writing, maths, science tasks and much much more! The weekly learning grids are there to give you some ideas for your home learning but we know that many of you also have fantastic ideas of your own. We would love you to share with us any learning that you do. Remember activities such as cooking, gardening, craft, reading, timetables practice, Lego, exercise are also very important and productive ways to spend your time at home!

Here is your new home learning grid and the resources that you will need for the tasks we have set for you. Try to have a go at something each day and please email us if you have any questions about what we have asked you to do. 


Have you seen the new Harry Potter at home website?! It’s great!


BBC Bitesize are doing a new daily lome learning lesson, packed full of interesting learning!


We've posted again the Maths and Literacy Homework Grids, in case you run out of things to do this week! 


Ask your parents to look out for the Sharks Newsletter on their email. This gives you a bit more information about what’s coming up this half term.


Take care and keep in touch (we miss you!)


Mrs Austin and Miss Darby