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Our focus book this week has been 'There's a T~Rex in Town' and we have been talking about what we could compare the dinosaurs to in the modern world. What if a T-Rex went to the park? What if he was realllllyyyy hungry? What would happen they went to the dentist? Are they as loud as......, as big as.........we have had some fantastic comparisons in the children's literacy work.


In phonics, we are learning the new phase 4 tricky words - have, like, so and said. We have looked at why they are being tricky, especially those with a silent 'e' at the end of them! Our letters and sounds are now focused upon practising reading and writing CVCC and CCVC words, for example - tent, bent, damp, milk, stop, plan, frog and swim.


In maths the children have been introduced to money, talking about what each coin looks like and its characteristics (shape, colour, pictures and value) and ordering them according to their value. We filled our purses with all of the different coins, drew around them and coloured them with metallic crayons and wrote their value on them. We also practiced paying for objects with money in our class shop and counting out coins to match the value of an object. Initially we did this with 1p and then practised using coins of different values.


In outdoor learning, the children explored our woodland area and all of the hard work that has been put into transforming it, by a group of volunteers lead by Ms Braidwood.