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Week 11

This week at school we had transfer day. Year 3 children became year 4 for the morning and the year 4's went off to their middle schools for the whole day. 


Here at Winterbourne we had a fun morning, firstly with Miss Darby who did a get to know you information sheet and we read a lovely story called 'The Koala who Could'. Then we had a snack and play together and Mrs Austin joined us after break. We got creative with water colours. The pieces we have produced will be put together to create one big display. 


Our year 4's headed off to their new middle schools, some children going to Dorchester Middle and others to St Osmunds. Every single one of the children have come back today very happy with their new classes and tutors and are very much looking forward to starting in September!


Today 4 children headed to the DASP Literacy festival at Thomas Hardye school. They were joined by lots of other children from all of the DASP schools. There was a poet called Kimba who performed some of his poetry and rap and spoke to the children about how to write poetry. They joined in with creative drawing, drawing pictures of themselves. Finally they had a small awards ceremony, where Carly successfully won a Waterstones book voucher for being part of the winning collaborative short story that she wrote earlier this year. To her surprise the story was performed by Thomas Hardye drama students on the stage!