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Week 4 - Farm Talk

We were very lucky to have a visitor called Chrissy from Wessex Wild come in to visit us all in the Foundation Base. She talked to us about her farm, family, their roles on the farm & the animals that they have on their farm.
We listened to a lovely story about animals and where they lived and learnt about their habitats - owls, frogs, bats and hedgehogs. We enjoyed looking at pictures of different animals and plants, then sorting them into groups according to their habitats. Chrissy then explained why they like to live in these places, such as food and shelter.
Chrissy then introduced us to her version of 'Were Going on a Bear Hunt' which showed pictures of her family walking through and navigating different areas of their farm - a bog, a heath, a deep pond, grassland, a barn & a scary calf instead of a Bear!
After this we went outside to play the Noisy Game. Again based on the farm and the children made the sounds and actions of the animals and minibeasts on the farm.


"I loved learning about the farm dogs"

"I liked putting the animals where they live"