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28.2.18 Fractions Doughnuts and Pizza


Welcome back, we hope you are all refreshed from our half term break and enjoyed the sunshine we had.


This week in maths, Mrs Ayliffe has been teaching us about fractions. To introduce this to the children she made us all very hungry by demonstrating halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths and eighths using chocolate doughnuts.


Our following activity was to work in pairs to top our (paper plate) pizzas. We had olives, green peppers, ham, tomatoes and mushrooms to top our pizza which had been cut into 8 slices. Then we had to work out what fraction of each of our toppings were on our pizzas.


It was a fun way to learn about fractions and we worked so hard (and we were all a little hungry after) we had half a chocolate doughnut for snack!