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Week 4

This week our topic book has been ‘If I Built A Car’, we have been looking at a new sound of the week which has been ‘T’. The blossom children have enjoyed various car based activities throughout the week. They began the week with helping to paint a large car for our window display which they enjoyed doing by using sponges to dab and dot with. The children have also enjoyed using different shaped paper to create their own shape cars as well as a cutting and sticking shadow matching activity, to help support their fine motor skills. Alongside these activities the children have loved our funky finger finger activities, especially sticking stickers onto different lines and patterns. Blossom children have also enjoyed playing with the small world cars, using the road pieces to create their own roads. We’ve also been practicing our writing skill this week by writing a few simple words beginning with ‘T’ to support our learning of the sound ‘T’.