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Week 1

Welcome back to the spring 1 term and our new class topic of Superheroes, People That Help Us. We have lots of exciting activities planned that are based upon this theme. We have been talking to the children this week about their knowledge of Superheroes, not only the ones of the comic variety! We have created a mind map to record their fantastic answers and they already have a very good understanding of the emergency services and how they help us. We will therefore build upon and extend this existing knowledge and hope to have some of them come in to talk to us about their job roles. If you do know of anyone (doctor, paramedic, police officer, vet or dentist) that would be willing to come in to talk to the children, please do speak to myself or Mrs Hallett.

Our literacy focus this week has been writing a 'Thank You' letter to Father Christmas for all of the presents that they received for Christmas. The children drew pictures to illustrate some of their presents, labelled them and then wrote their letters. In phonics we have been revising all of the phase 2 and 3 letters and sounds, tricky words and high frequency words (HFW). Please encourage your children to practise the digraphs and trigraphs as the more fluent their reading becomes, the more frequently these will appear in the words in their reading books.

Our maths focus has been capacity, how to order items by their capacity and the language of capacity such as - empty, nearly empty, half empty/full, nearly full and full. The children have compared cups that they have filled with water and then ordered them according to their capacity. In mental maths we have been practising counting, one more/less and spotting the missing numbers up to 20.

It was such a rainy day for outdoor learning that we were unable to go out for very long and instead made clay hedgehogs.