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Week 11

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Today it was World maths day. Mrs Austin did a very good  assembly about it, she had a jar full of gems and we had to estimate how many gems were in the jar. On Monday we will find out who was the closest from each year and those people will win a maths prize! Then after the assembly we did a treasure hunt and had to do maths questions for us to get a prize. We had to do ten pirate questions to get CHOCOLATE COINS! Jenny and Jo from HSBC came and taught us about prices of food and how to budget. They also explained what we should eat to keep us healthy and well.


On Tuesday we went to Dorset Museum and learnt that Roman money is made out of solid gold and that some people put their names on their mosaics. Then we went to the Roman townhouse. We also had a look inside but we had to wear some things over our shoes to not get the mud in there because it might damage the precious mosaics. Then we went back to school and had some play time because  we missed all our play time.


Today it  was non  school uniform day to raise money for PTFA  Easter bingo DONT FORGET Easter chocolate bingo tomorrow Saturday 25th March.


By Riley and Jack

Our trip to the Museum and Roman town house

World Maths Day - Treasure Hunt

Practicing our 7 times tables! - Non School Uniform Day - for PTFA Easter Bingo

Dahlia, Lillie, Vinnie and Jess at the DASP Collaborative Writing Workshop

On Wednesday Dahlia, Lillie, Vinnie and Jessica took a trip out to the Thomas Hardye School to take part in a collaborative writing event. We were joined by lots of other schools in DASP and sixth form students from the Thomas Hardye School. 

We were then separated into groups which contained one sixth form student, two middle school children and 2 first school children and each group worked together to write a story. The only rules were that the story had to begin with 'When I woke up I was .... ' and it had to contain a butterfly and a trumpet. It was a lot of fun and we came up with some fabulous stories.