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Week 8

This week we finished the first story in the book Beowulf, which was Beowulf and Grendel the Monster of the Night. It was an amazing tale and we have all made predictions about what will happen next in the next story. But it does not stop there because the last sentence was… They did not know that the joy would be short lived, the hope destroyed before even the night was over… The next story is Beowulf and the Sea-Hag.


In samba music we have been locked into instruments (which means we will only play the instruments we have been locked into), and Martha got a golden choice (which means that she got to choose which  instrument she was on instead of being told what to go on). 


We also started our double page spread about King Alfred the Great, they are very colourful so far and look really good. I bet they will be amazing and beautiful in our book!


The year 4s have taken our Multiplication Tables Check now, some of them were easy and some of them were quite hard! Have a nice sunny weekend. Some of you will be at Maumbury Rings for tomorrow’s singing. If you would like to come along and watch, that would be great. Miss Darby will see you there. 


By Eleanor and Fleur