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Week 12 - Literacy

In literacy this week we have slightly departed from our Traditional Tales and read a story called Leon and the Place Between. It is a beautifully illustrated book with rich descriptive language about a boy who visits the circus, is involved in a magic trick and finds him self in the place 'between there and back again. The place where magic sends you.' The children have produced some fabulous pieces of writing describing how they imagine their place between and what they might see. Fantastic writing Beech Class!


In DT we have completed the third of our moving puppets, using levers to make our swans fly high above the pond in a scene from The Ugly Duckling. The children have so enjoyed making these puppets and taken great pride in producing their scenes. 


In science we have continued looking at materials and last week the children experimented on cotton with different substances to see which ones would make the cotton waterproof. We tried chalk, pens, butter, wax, shoe dubbin and oil pastels.  Oil pastels definitely slowed water down as did the butter which really intrigued the children. 


With the weather so variable at the moment, please ensure your child has suitable clothes especially for outdoor learning and PE days.