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Week 12

Having learned about solids and liquids last week, we moved onto gases this week. The children had fun demonstrating how particles behave whilst in different states of matter, in the school hall. We then spent some time discussing and investigating gases back in the classroom. Why couldn’t we squash an empty plastic bottle with the lid tightly on?

Why does a balloon weigh more when it’s blown up?



We have been continuing with our George Morland pictures and they’re looking pretty good, but you'll have to wait for the finished product until you can have a peak!


The children have received their parts for the annual Christmas Carol Concert, on Thursday 12th December, which has caused a great deal of excitement!


Next Friday during swimming, the children will be learning life saving skills. They will need to bring in T-shirts and shorts to wear over their usual swimwear. 


Just to let you know, due to technical issues last week, photos have just been added to last week’s blog. Please flick back and have a look.