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Week 7

This week we have been practicing our singing, ready to  perform on  Saturday the 18th June at the DASP concert. These will include ‘Tiny Little Fragments’,  ‘Triassic Dorset’ and ‘A Handful of Time’ . We will sing these  at Maumbury rings.


With Mrs Horne we have started our Dorset Arts booklet where we have ticked arts we have done and drawn a few we like to do for example, dancing, photography, gaming,coding, writing and craft!


Just before the end of last half term all year 4’s received their writing pens to use for literacy and vipers. 


With sports day coming up, in P.E we have started to practice with Ms Moor including howlers, hurdling and running. 


In math we have started to learn about roman numeral clocks and year 4’s have been practicing for their times table check, which will happen next week. 


In literacy we have planned our biographies about King Alfred the Great and we will write these up next week. 


This afternoon we have voted for our DASP citizens, these are children who are kind, generous, helpful and work hard and are voted for by their peers. The results are a secret … But watch this space! 


By Fleur and Hattie