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Week 3

  Welcome to the blog of the week!


On Monday, we had a day off school because of Queen Elizabeth the II's funeral. 


On Tuesday, Mrs Austin was teaching us literacy. It was inspired by the book “The River”  and we took turns to write and draw for the independent write. We wrote plans that had all the places we would travel to like …….. Big Ben , Candy Land and the Pyramids . Then we wrote a whole paragraph for each place .  


On Wednesday, we did P.E with Mrs Macswiney and we were playing tennis again. For the first activity we made a triangle out of cones and we moved from one side to another and  someone threw the ball and the other person had to catch it .


In our art with Miss Darby, we continued painting our pop art! They all look super colourful and bold. You could do any design you wanted  for example …. ice cream, doughnut, smiley face or any fun idea that you can imagine. We will show you some pictures of these when they are finished.


We are learning about Hinduism in RE. We have learned the story of Rama and Sita. It’s a really important story to Hindus, which is a tale of good verses evil. We made puppets and reenacted the story in our groups.


We went swimming again at 1610 at on Friday in Dorchester. It's always really fun.


Also today is Riley’s 9th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Riley!


By Lillie And Isabella