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This week the children have continued learning about and discussing what is a healthy lifestyle and why need to have one. The children remembered their healthy and unhealthy lunchbox activity and were able to put healthy foods into our class lunch box on the whiteboard.


Activities have once again been based around our dinosaur topic. The children particularly enjoyed making their paper plate dinosaurs to hang up around the classroom in Expressive Arts and Design. The children have also been learning a song called 'Prehistoric Dinosaurs' (ask your child to sing it to you along with the actions), which they were able to teach the Starfish children and also demonstrated how to accompany the song with instruments.


In phonics, the children have learnt the tricky words - little, there, were and one. Please practise these words at home and ask the children why are they being tricky? We have continued to practise CVCC and CCVC words and finding facts about dinosaurs in our non-fiction books.


Our maths focus this week has been upon 2D shapes, their names and their characteristics. The children used their knowledge of shapes to make 2D shape dinosaur pictures.


Outdoor learning was very exciting this week with lots of jumping in muddy puddles, painting pictures with runny mud and cooking in the mud kitchen......mud, mud, glorious mud! Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for muddy play each week.