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Week 5

Welcome back Sharks to another week on the blog. This week we have had maths tests, spelling tests, reading tests and of course swimming for the year 4s. Other than that it has been a pretty normal week. Anyway let’s get right into the blog.


In Literacy with Mrs Austin we are looking at where you should use apostrophes for example friends’ for plural or friend’s for singular. We have watched videos on when we should use them.


With Miss Darby in Reading Vipers we have read the book Malala’s Magic Pencil again where we have had comprehension questions that we have had to answer and everyone enjoyed the book.


In Maths with Mrs Austin the year 4s are dividing any number by 100, the year 3s are using the part-part whole method to find the weight of two masses. With Miss Darby in maths the year 4s have been adding and subtracting fractions on a worksheet that got harder as it went along and I mean VERY hard! 


In art we have been doing rag weaving. We have been re-using old clothes from different families to make some masterpieces! Take a look at the pictures below.


Sadly we are going to wrap up the blog for this week, bye!

By Jacob and George