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Week 10

The children have written rainforest adventure stories for their independent writing this week and had some very hair raising experiences in . Luckily they all seems to have escaped unscathed although a few bought animals home with them. We have also written a class letter to the environment secretary Mr Gove to explain why we are worried about deforestation and asking him to help do something about it.  The children worked collaboratively, writing notes and coming up with ideas to put in the letter. Hopefully we will get a response.


In maths we have continued to work on fractions, dividing a group or number into equal parts.


In our science and outdoor learning last week the children were thrilled to explore the new parts of the wildlife garden, to see the changes and look under all the logs. There is still more work to be done up there but what has already been achieved is making a huge difference to the children's enjoyment and learning. 


Thank you to everyone who made donations and bought cakes for comic relief, we raised £84. Well Done. Thank you also to everyone who supported our Usborne Book Fair. We have been able to purchase £80 of books for the school library. I will post photographs when they arrive.


Next Tuesday evening, 26th March,  is our Maths evening for parents from 6-7. Please do come along to find out more about how we teach maths throughout first school.