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Week 10

This has been a very exciting week for Silver Birch class. On Wednesday it was our sports afternoon.  Our opening ceremony was country dancing which was very fun, we enjoyed learning that. The first race was cross country which is always the hardest activity, this year we had to jump over hay bales! Then we threw howlers. The year 4s had a special job of helping to identify the winners with the cones and wherever a howler landed was where the cone was placed. Some found the hurdles difficult but others didn’t. Our final race was sprinting and some people went quite fast. It was a lovely afternoon and the rain stayed away!


On Thursday it was time to  release our  butterflies, who we have had since they were tiny caterpillars. Amazingly we spotted them emerging from their cocoons. It was a lovely afternoon when we released them so we had ice lollies from sports day. It was very enjoyable and the whole class loved it. 


On Friday the D.M.S children in year 4 had a virtual assembly  with two of the teachers and two children ( Miss Easton, Mrs Ray, Molly and George) They are all very nice and all of the year 4s who are going to D.M.S are very excited to move up to middle school. 


Also on Friday the children heading to St.Osmunds in September got their BUDDY LETTERS!! It was very exciting, the year 7 soon to be 8s, had to write a letter to the year 4s and tell us about what they like and their favorite lesson. 

Miss Darby and Mrs Austin told the St. Osmunds teaches what we are all  like and they have tried to find the right buddy for us, we can’t wait to meet them on transfer day!


In Music (samba) we have been getting ready for our concert that we are going to have in 2 weeks so get ready everyone. You are invited to come and see what we have learnt, e-mails about this were sent yesterday. 


By Fleur and James Montero