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In maths this week the children have been learning about sharing, which has been based upon our story of the week, 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson. The children were given a number of shells which they then had to share out equally between the children in their group. They were then able to calculate the number of shells that each child had and discuss whether or not the shells had been shared out equally. This led on to talking about odd and even numbers, which ones are which and the pattern that they follow. We will continue doubles, sharing and halving next week to consolidate the children's knowledge and understanding of each area.


We have been busy being creative this week making snail pictures inspired by the artist Henri Matisse, which are now displayed in our classroom. The children have also made lovely jellyfish and fine motor painting with cotton buds on to shell templates, both of which you can see hanging in our outdoor area, please do have a look!


This week in natural learning, the children have been clearing out all of the spring bulbs from our containers and replanting them with sunflowers. We have put a meter rule alongside the sunflowers to measure how tall they grow. Over the next few weeks we will be planting additional sunflowers and also vegetable seeds, to then plant in the Seahorse area. Hopefully when the vegetables grow, we will be able to sample the carrots, tomatoes, runner beans and rocket.


Please remember that the weather this time of year can be very changeable and that the children will continue their natural learning rain or shine. Ensure that your child has a coat with them every day and appropriate clothing for learning outside.