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Week 12

Our story this week has been Old Bear by Jane Hissey and the children have really enjoyed listening to the adventures of the toys as they rescue Old Bear from the attic. They have written lovely letters to him explaining their rescue plans and how they will get him back to the play room.  A display of their letters is now in the library. 


We had some special visitors today as three generations of teddy bears came into school to help us learn about the history of the teddy bear. Did you know they have been around for over 100 years and are named after the American President Theodore Roosevelt?  


It was so wet on Thursday that forest school had to be held in the school hall. However the children had a great session creating clay models, building and constructing.  We did have our outdoor learning session in the wildlife area on Monday though and the children learnt about hibernation and more about the only three animals in the UK that truly hibernate. The dormouse, hedgehog and bat. We do hope that we have some in our wildlife area. 


The children are continuing to learn the songs and acting parts for our nativity. This is a great opportunity for the children to participate in drama and musical activities. Thank you for all the costumes that have come in.  The children have also begun to make decorations for the Christmas tree and they will be hung next week. They have also begun making hand puppets as part of our toy design project.