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Week 9

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the main event. On Saturday some of us attended the Songlines singing project at Maumbury Rings. It was a great experience! We started off the day playing tag. Then we got into the important business of singing practice and preparing for the show. It was a hot sunny day and everyone felt happy, excited and ready to sing their hearts out! There was a double bass and piano to accompany us. Geof was playing the piano and Mrs Trevorrow was helping us to warm our voices up. There were more than 200 people in the audience. Most of us felt a bit nervous, although others were just excited. The show went really well and all of the parents thought it was fantastic. Some of them even cried in the songs because they were so proud. There are a few pictures below, but plenty more on the DASP music website too. 


In literacy we finished our Afred the Great double page spread with Mrs Austin. They all look so amazing and brightly colored. All of us enjoyed making it. We are all very proud of our work.

We also learned about the vikings' long ships which was fun. Here are some  facts: they usually took up to 2000 trees to make, the fastest long ship went 19 mph and the normal speed was about 16.5 mph. 


This week our caterpillars have now cocooned and we wait for them to make their transformation into beautiful butterflies. They are so cool and interesting.


In maths the year 3s are doing money and the year 4s are still doing decimals.


Next Wednesday it is our sports afternoon so make sure you are ready…parents too…!


By Fleur and Carly