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Week 3

Welcome back Sharks to another week of learning. We are officially halfway through Summer’s first half term! We are also very lucky as at swimming we normally only have one half term of swimming but this year we are allowed a whole term! Last week, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Bear’s chicks on Friday afternoon! Another bit of exciting news, Henry's Mum is bringing their lambs into school next Friday! This all fits in really well with our Animals Including Humans science topic.


We have been continuing to learn about Hinduism in our RE session this week. Molly brought in a Hindu God statue of Shiva and Carly found out about the Goddess that shares her name!! 


In maths with Mrs Austin the year 3s are continuing to learn about mass and the year 4s are finding decimals on a number line. With Miss Darby we are all learning about equivalent fractions, some of the questions on mathletics are VERY hard!


In literacy with Mrs Austin we are making booklets about plastic pollution and then the year 4s are going to show it to their buddies and the year 3s are going to show their booklets to the people in Dolphins. We are trying to make them a mixture of persuasive writing, funny writing and facts for the younger ones in the school, because if we were just distributing facts the younger ones would find it boring. 


With Miss Darby in Reading Vipers we have watched a short video called SOAR after we watched it we discussed and asked questions about the text. We found the video very clever and imaginative. There was lots to think about.


In our Science work we have been recapping what our body needs to be healthy and discussing what food groups give you certain nutrients.


I’m afraid that we are going to wrap up the blog for this week. See you next week bye!


By Jacob and Molly