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Week 11

This week Beech class have enjoyed a Fencing lesson in one of their PE lessons (see photos attached) as well as a Tag Rugby lesson! In Science, they worked in pairs to explore whether certain objects were stretchy, squashy or bendy (see photos attached).

In Computing, Year 1 - created a self image using a paint program and saved their work whilst Year 2 learnt about the importance of asking permission before photographing people. We spoke about how to take a successful photograph and the children used the Ipads to photograph still images. We then chose our favourite ones and explained why we liked them. There were some lovely photographs taken!


In Literacy, we pretended we were the character Toby from 'Toby and the Great Fire of London' - we put ourselves in his shoes and wrote some sentences/paragraphs using the senses to describe Toby's experiences. In Maths, we have been super practical this week and looking at exchanging when subtracting numbers - for example 22 - 17 = where we used base 10 and had to exchange one of the tens to ones before we could work out the answer of 5.


We have paired up with Cherry Class and begun to learn our Nativity songs - super exciting!


Thank you for remembering to return the children's reading books and reading journals on a Monday morning ready for their next reading lessons.

Mrs Beale