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Welcome to Preschool!

In the early years children develop quickly and at Winterbourne Valley we are committed to helping all children have the best possible start in life. We pride ourselves on creating enabling, nurturing environments based upon positive relationships that develop every unique child.


We offer a challenging and appropriate curriculum, so that children can become confident and independent learners. Our Preschool environment always offers a variety of activities that cover all of the seven areas of EYFS Curriculum learning both inside and outdoors.


There are different areas of the classrooms that are dedicated to messy play such as water, sand, painting and craft type activities and other areas for role-play, construction, mark making. In addition there are cosy nooks for children to have a rest, look at a book or engage in small world play.


At Winterbourne Valley we pride ourselves on our outdoor provision, offering the children free-flow play to the outside area and weekly outdoor learning sessions. We have a large outdoor area that is adjacent to the Preschool room and have daily access to the school Wildlife Garden and field. It is here and during PE sessions that our children are able to develop their gross motor skills such as by using the larger equipment, bikes and trikes.


The children’s experiences will be recorded on their online Learning Journals. We encourage all adults (including parents) and the children to contribute to their learning folder, including observations, quotes and photos.


Our Preschool is led by a fully-qualified teacher and a highly experienced team of teaching assistants.


We look forward to your child becoming a happy member of our Preschool group.

Fee Charging Policy


We charge £6.00 per hour for all our Extended Schools Provision.  Fees for the Extended Schools Provision are to be paid half-termly in advance.  If you have booked a session you will be charged whether your child attends or not.  This includes sickness and family holidays. If 2 weeks’ notice has been given of cancellation you will be charged 50% of the normal fee to retain your child’s place.  Please note without two weeks’ notice full charges will be incurred.


Booking forms and invoices will be issued in the penultimate week of each half term. Payment dates will be by the end of week two of each half term.


Late Bookings

In the case of late bookings being made by parents – these are bookings made outside the expected booking form and invoice system -  additional booking fee for breakfast club is £1.50 and for after school club is £2.50  e.g. a last minute booking for the After School Club for 3.00 – 4.30pm will be £10.00.


Parents will be charged for the next session (a further £7.50) if you do not collect your child within 15 minutes of the collection time, without prior arrangement (i.e. a phone call to say you will be late).


Please note:

  1. We require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to cancel a booking and then you will be charged 50% of the normal fee. Otherwise, all sessions booked will be charged for.
  2. Late collection fees will be incurred.
  3. Bookings taken outside the expected booking form and invoice system or changes to bookings will incur an additional booking fee.
  4. Failure to collect a child by 6pm will incur a penalty of £5.00 per ½ hour or part thereof.  On the third occasion you will be given a letter stating that on any subsequent occasions you will be charged £25.00.
  5. Arrears of more than two weeks will result in the loss of your child’s place.
  6. If settlement of fees is still not received legal advice will then be sought.


Charges for Extended School Provision


The fees for Winterbourne Valley First School Extended School Provision are as follows:


Breakfast Club:         £6.00 per hour, per child (£3.00 per half hour).

Pre-School:                £6.00 per hour.  Minimum session of 3 hours is therefore £18.00.  This will include a drink. We ask that parents please provide a piece of fruit for snack time.  As with the school children, the Pre-School children are encouraged to help themselves freely to water throughout the session.  Parents are requested to equip their child with a water bottle to keep in the Pre-Scholl room.


Lunch Club (Pre-School only):     £6.00 per day per child.

Parents are requested to provide a healthy and nutritious packed lunch for their child to eat at lunchtime.  Water will be made freely available to drink during this time.


After School Club:    £9.00 per 1.5 hour session per child. £18.00 per 3 hour session per child. A 20% discount is offered for 2nd/3rd or 4th child.  Children can be booked in either for the 3.00pm – 4.30pm session or the 3.00pm – 6.00pm session. A healthy and nutritious snack will be provided to children.


Please note: there will be no refunds for early collection.


However, your child may be entitled to free nursery education.  The funding entitlement is for 30 hours with a maximum of 6.5 hours available on any one day.  We will claim this grant on your behalf and no charges will be made direct to you.  A form will be sent out for you to sign to instruct us to place a claim on your behalf.  Please simply enrol and book your session through the forms